What is the FCLC?

The Fannin Christian Learning Center is a “released time” program. Students are released from Fannin County High School during the school day to go to the FCLC for Biblical instruction (free of charge). Once the class period is finished, the students return to the public school.

The FCLC courses are electives in the students’ course schedules, and they attend the same period every day for an entire semester. Students may take as many FCLC courses as their academic schedules allow. After the course is satisfactorily completed, the credit is transferred to the high school.

What do we teach?

The Bible. We give students a spiritual foundation to better prepare them to handle the issues they face now and will face in the future. Courses such as an “Overview of the Bible,” “Life Principles,” “Cultivating Christian Character,” “David (Man Seeking God’s Heart) and Jesus (God Seeking Man’s Heart),” “The God Experience,” “God’s Guidebook,” “The Christ Life,” “The Teachings of Paul,” “You Have Purpose” and “A Heart after God” are among the courses developed thus far. Practical application of God’s word will be our focus in every class.